United We Stand

The vitriol on social media has spilled out on to our streets.  We have completely lost our ability to debate, treat each other respectfully and have some empathy, understanding, and compassion for our fellow Americans.  People see only colors and labels, not our individual humanity.  We now live in a cesspool of anger, disrespect, rudeness, and violence.

I have had people that I thought were friends attack me personally with mockery and venom as I try to deescalate and get people to hear and validate one another.  People seem so incredibly brainwashed by the propaganda of whatever tribe they happen to belong to that they cannot seem to understand or even try to understand other perspectives.

E pluribus unum (Out of many, one) is impossible without empathy and understanding.

I mostly blame the powers that be for this condition.  Leaders controlled by an oligarchy have driven us apart (often under the guise of compassion) and made us enemies of one another.  They have made us doubt truth and have created an environment of hatred and fear.  Leaders from both major political parties toss gas on the fire as they are far removed from the consequences: safe up in their ivory towers watching Rome burn.

I am EXTREMELY sad for my children and my country.

God help us.

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