Unequal Enforcement, John Sakrison, Surfside HOA, WA

This is a situation where Mr Sakrison’s neighbor, has trees that are about 80 ft tall.  Mr Sakrison and his wife are afraid to stay in his home because they are afraid the trees may fall on them, especially during storms in the winter.   Just to remind you a group of people took over the Board of the HOA years ago, many refer to them as The Faction.  They are organized mostly around the people on J Place who force about 1400 neighbors to the west of them to top their trees to protect the views of the people on J Place.   Mr Sakrison lives to the east of J Place.  Mr Sakrison is pointing out the selective enforcement of Faction controlled Board.  When people on J Place file a complaint about tree heights to protect their view, the HOA quickly sends a threatening letter to the homeowner warning him to top his trees to protect the view.   But when a homeowner not in the Faction files a complaint about dangerous trees, he is ignored, even though it could be a life threatening situation.  In fact the HOA simply sends him no response to his complaints.

There was another case that I was involved with while I was a Surfside Board Member.   A elderly woman  I will call the Bird Lady, frequently walked along the path to the Beach that was next to a Faction Member’s home.  She would feed the seagulls on the Beach.  The Faction member complained to the Board that the seagulls, knowing that the Bird Lady was heading to the beach, would fly over his home to follow the Bird Lady and sometime  defecate on the roof of his home.  (I checked later that day and found no sign of Seagull defecation on his roof).  The Board voted to fine her if she did not stop walking on that trail.   They claimed that they had the authority to fine her under the safety covenant, yet they are not willing to force the J Place member to remove trees that have been certified by an arborist to be unsafe in order to protect the life of a non-J Place member. 

The pictures below show the tree stumps of the trees Mr Sakrison had cut down.  These trees were on his property.  You can see why these trees would be unstable.

Both Mr Sakrison and myself are not attorneys.  We both are giving our honest opinions and understandings of the facts.

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