Time for a Special Session

If ever there was time for a demand for a special session it is NOW.  I recognize that the Republicans are in the minority but their silence is deafening.  4 months of lock down and no plan for recovery and relief?  Riots and mayhem in our streets?  Businesses dying?  Families and individuals scared and angry?

I suggested weeks ago that the Republicans, since they are the opposition party, should take out a full page ad in the Seattle Times and make a statement and offer a plan-if they have one.  This would be of more value than 100k campaign flyers dropped on doorsteps.

I think they should be very vocal and be seen leading vs. just blaming Democrats.

There are a few speaking out but over all- silence.

We the people are pissed at BOTH political parties!!

Here is a thought: maybe serious candidates challenging incumbents should set up camp in Olympia.  That strategy seems persuasive.



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