This is the state of our society today

This is the state of our society today. It is absolutely disgusting to me. Sacha Cohen sought to mock and mischaracterize a group of very good people for personal attention and a laugh. As I go to the Twitter and see the reactions, it is appalling. People have no problem with what he did to their fellow Americans and no problem with the words he said, but they mock and ridicule Americans, who would NEVER say such things and just happen to disagree with them. I suppose this is “the Jackass crowd.”

Sacha and his minions are the sort of people who would stop at nothing to get their way and are in the process of destroying America and other people to do it. I have experienced it personally and I have now seen good friends of mine hurt. My friend Allen Acosta who was one of the organizers is one of the kindest, gentlest people I know who has done far more for society than Sacha and his minions will ever do in their life times. He is a combat veteran (like my own father) who fought in battle to defend their right to humiliate him in public. Sacha doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to even carry Allen’s lunch box for him!!

I am really getting tired of good friends and people I know being mischaracterized, slandered, called racist, publically humiliated, stereotyped, trolled, threatened, and abused by people who do not bother to actually get to know them. These people rely on media sound bites or a meme for truth. They are too lazy or brainwashed to bother to seek real facts.

I am sick of seeing our country destroyed by people who have no respect or consideration for the sacrifices of those who went before them and who granted them the privlege of living in a country where they have the freedom to speak out and enough money for that cell phone they use to seek their 15 minutes of fame. These people are completely destroying the society my children and grandchildren will inherent. What I see enrages me.

There is a story in the Bible about two women fighting over a baby, and King Solomon orders the baby cut in half. The women had both emphatically claimed to be the mother of the infant.  After the ruling, the real mother immediately screamed out “don’t split the baby, give him to her!” Solomon then knew who the real mother was. The one who sacrificed her own desires for the survival of the baby.

America is the baby. America is being destroyed. She is being destroyed by people who are so self serving that they would rather destroy her in her infancy to fulfill their immediate needs and want, than to debate, discuss and work with their fellow countrymen toward solutions that serve all Americans not just a loud, vocal and violent few. Most just want their 15 minutes of fame and a selfie while doing something provacative. They know nothing of true sacrifice for the love of your neighbor or country. Dare I say most are spoiled brats.

I think the ONLY reason this situation has not errupted in to a hot civil war is that there are some people like my friend Allen Acosta, who love this baby country so very much, they have been tempered and wise in their response. They have taken the hits, the slander, the misrepresentations,and the abuse. They have watched  communities being destroyed and relics taken down with no due process. They have operated within our systems as they have resisted the insane and completely oppressive actions that have destroyed lives and businesses, instead of burning down other peoples property or making threats to do so to get their own way.

They love America far too much to destroy her. But it absolutely terrifies me that so many people do not love and appreciate our country – they love themselves and are “wise in their own eyes” They would exploit and kill her, just to get a few moments of personal attention and a laugh.


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