This is the last day you have to comment on HB1054

This is the last day you have to comment on HB1054 which we strongly support and is being heard by the Senate Law & Justice Committee. If you have not already, please send them your comments. See sample comment below. You can send in your written testimony up to 24 hours after the meeting starts. Please do it today. You can quickly write to the committee by doing the following:

· Go to

· On the right hand side of the screen, click the second green box that says “Sign up to Testify/Submit Written Testimony.

· In the Committee box make sure it says “Law & Justice”

· In the meeting box make sure is says “ 01/30/24 10:30 AM”

· Under Select agenda item make sure HB 1054 is checked

· Under Select type of testimony click “I would like to submit written testimony”

A new form will pop up on the screen.

· Under Position please put PRO

· Enter your name and email address

Type or cut and paste in your comment. Feel free to use the sample below and modify as you like.

You might also want to send a similar email to your own legislators.


I want to thank Representatives Walen, Simmons, Ryu, Bateman, Ramel, Doglio, Macri, Gregerson, Springer, Thai, Kloba, Donaghy for writing and sponsoring HB 1054. HOAs should have no authority to control of what people do in their own homes or whom they can live with. If HOAs are allowed to regulate or limit the number of unrelated persons that may occupy an apartment they may choose the number zero, meaning that even two single mothers could not share a home. HOAs already have far too much power over homeowners. We need the legislature to protect the rights of HOA homeowners.

I am Patrick Johansen, Chairman of Housing Justice Committee of RiseUpWA LLC and founder of HOA Reform Leaders National Group (HRLNG) Both groups represent exclusively the homeowners of Common Interest Communities.

We ask the members of the Senate Law and Justice Committee to pass this bill. At this point I believe that all of you are aware of the horrors that take place in HOAs across Washington State due to the imbalance of power between the HOA Homeowners, and corrupt Boards and Property Managers that gain and then abuse their power.

Unfortunately, until there are penalties in the law for Board Members and Property Managers that violate the law, this law will frequently be circumvented by corrupt Board Members and Property Managers. They will continue to harass and intimidate members who chose to share their homes legally under this law. However at the point in the future that the legislature passes laws to put Penalties in the Law for Board Members and Property Managers that violate the law, this will be an excellent law to have on the books.

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