The virus is the black swan

“The virus is the black swan, the pin that popped the bubble in the economy.  But the bubble was created by bad fed and government policy.  Debt and money printing are like dry tinder on the forest floor that makes a forest fire inevitable and more devastating.  The virus will take the blame for the economic crisis.  But the real fault lies with the politicians and bankers who created the conditions for disaster.  They will use the virus as cover, when they should all get the blame.  They will blame free markets, when the cause was intervention in markets.

Had the US not taken on so much debt, and had the fed not over-printed to stimulate the stock markets, and had the state governments not quarantined and shut down businesses, there would have been no economic collapse, or it would have amounted to a speed bump instead of a highway collapse.” Bruce Guthrie

I actually think this had to happen.  Possibly better abruptly than slowly over time, as had been happening. Americans are not provoked to action until they feel the pain. I of course do not wish pain on people but, apathy and complacency are enemies of justice and freedom.  My hope is that with enough people activated we can take our country back. That is the hope. . . .

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