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October 8th, 2020

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Rise Up WA: Support Washington Supreme Court Candidate Judge Dave Larson!

Op-ed: “We Can’t Work Together Until We Understand Each Other”

Ignite Legal: Tara Childs – “Why School Choice?”

Ignite Candidate of the Week: Marliza Melzer

Ignite Events: Supreme Court Candidate Campaign Tour

Support Washington Supreme Court Candidate Judge Dave Larson!

Judge Dave Larson is in Eastern Washington Right Now! Read Below to See How to Support Him in this Critical Race!

Greetings! Judge Dave Larson is running for Supreme Court Justice! This is a critical and winnable race. With less than one week till ballots get sent out, this is a crucial time in the campaign. Dave needs your support! We need funds for materials and we need to arrange for stops on his campaign tour. Judge Larson is touring the entire state and he will be in eastern Washington from October 7th through October 13th. 

Honorable Judge Dave Larson. Running for Supreme Court, Position 3 in Washington State.

I am a paralegal and have been politically active for over a decade.  I believe in Judge Larson.  He is one of the most humble and authentic people I have ever met in politics. I am honored to be able to help his campaign. He truly is the best candidate for the Supreme Court Justice and we need the entire state to know it! We can take back this seat from an Inslee appointee!

I am reaching out to you to ask if you might have an existing event we might drop by or if your county might host an event. These will be quick stops, no more than an hour- not fancy! We are happy to meet at a park, a restaurant or any appropriate venue, given the COVID restrictions.

We will be bringing campaign materials and Judge Larson will offer a brief speech and be available for Q/A.

If you can help out the campaign please email or call 360-720-6899.

If you have canvassers who can doorbell or are already doorbelling for other candidates and would be willing to share Judge Larson’s materials, please let us know and we will bring extra or we can mail some to you.

If you have media contacts you recommend we reach out to, we would appreciate that as well.

Thank you so very much for your support and we look forward to meeting you as we work hard to restore Justice for All!

In Liberty,

Michelle Darnell, President

Rise Up WA LLC.

Get Involved!

Email Michelle at

Call Michelle at 360-720-6899

Donate to Larson’s Campaign dave larson Visit Larson4Justice to Learn More

Campaign Tour Dates and Locations

10/7      Kittitas

10/8      Grant, Adams, Lincoln

10/9       Spokane

10/10     Stevens, Ferry, Lincoln, Pend Oreille

10/11     Whitman, Asotin, Garfield, Columbia

10/12     Walla Walla, Franklin, Benton

10/13     Klickitat, Yakima

Return on 10/18 for Okanagan, Douglas, Chelan

Read Full Campaign Announcement Here

Op-ed: “We Can’t Work Together Until We Understand Each Other”

Truly “getting along” without adequately understanding one another, is a false assimilation ideal that gets us nowhere.

Written by: Chris King

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The words of Rodney King can be interpreted in several ways. Most of us remember the questionable police tactics in subduing Rodney King, caught on video. All of us should remember how Eric Garner died over illegal cigarettes while not offering any resistance whatsoever.  But we should also remember how Daniel Shaver — a white man — was in my opinion murdered by an evil and psychotic police officer in a hotel hallway. We should also remember the story of Liko Kenney and an entire town of largely white people who were terrorized by a white cop in the ’90s and early 2000s as I noted in my Unity Rally speech this summer in Arlington, Washington.

The only way to grow our country, grow our progressive unity, is if we all grow our understanding of others’ individual lived experiences. This means accepting and understanding the true history of this country, which is indeed steeped in racism. And acknowledging that our current institutional systems operate off of that ingrained racism. Obviously not every job termination or every abuse of police power inherently involves racism, but I have investigated enough of these incidents as a journalist, trial attorney and human being to know that some of them certainly are based in racism. I’ve got top-producing video clients being called “moolies” (it’s an eggplant reference) at New York Life and having New York Life admit that the phrase was used but having the gumption to claim that race played no part in the termination of agency. That is clearly a joke, right? It’s not and it’s a crying shame.

It’s the same ole, same ole and we are tired of it. It’s been highlighted so many times and is worth reminding. Change at this level doesn’t happen from top-down regulations. We have to drive change from the bottom-up. We have to start local and progress upwards to drive the policies and legislations we want to see – the policies that we know will help the common person.


The candidates who find their way to the Rise Up WA are not part of that soiled trickle-down cloth. They bring a new and welcomed dimension in politics that seeks to truly give all citizens an even and fair shot at equality. One that cultivates an environment that supports citizens achieving their personal goals despite being in a world that embraces corruption, hatred and big money and power.


We can drive more change through working with each other than working against one another.

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About the Author



Christopher King is a former Civil Rights lawyer who has written for the daily press. He was also a photojournalist for weekly press routinely shoots courtroom video designed to expose corruption and abuse of power and authority. He has also worked on the Presidential campaigns of Jesse Jackson ‘84, Dick Gephardt ’04 and the 2010 Massachusetts Governor campaign for Deval Patrick before relocating to the Greater Seattle area in 2013.

Ignite Legal: Tara Childs on “Why School Choice?”

Educate, collaborate and act—let’s take our schools back!  

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Take Action!

Currently the wealthy can afford tutoring, private school options while the most vulnerable are sitting at home often unsupervised, watching a computer screen. Evening the playing field is critical. If the school doesn’t open, parents or guardians should be able to take their funds elsewhere. Hurting children walk to my school in Pasco, Washington for lunch and to check out books. They want to talk and hang around. People need people! The fifth-grader I spoke to today told me that things are not well, learning online is terrible. This Is not okay! Give our kids a choice.

I never thought I would be in this situation to fight for school choice, after teaching for 20 years in the public school system. But honestly, I never was happy with what my kids were receiving. As a single mom with 3 kids, I didn’t have any other choice. My kids were being taught to follow without thinking, not act and interpret information. With the recent tyranny and grotesque overstepping of our state government shutting down our schools, action was needed. School choice initiatives would allow our tax money to follow the backpack of the child. This idea is not new. In fact, 29 other states have systems of school choice in action. By supporting the work of Liv Finne from Washington Policy Center and Vickie Kraft, a Washington State representative, with Ignite’s support and each of you, we can make this a viable bill for Washington state giving parents and teachers flexibility and creating competition. Competition will breed stronger schools fighting for our business, that want to educate your students, be fiscally responsible and provide different options for different kids and teachers.

Join Us In The Fight For School Choice!!

Ignite Candidate of the Week: Marliza Melzer

learn more about candidate

Conversations with Ignite Candidates: “What Drives Marliza Melzer?”

Written by: Tony B.

Sitting in my car, I took the opportunity to call Marliza Melzer, to be uplifted by her thoughts on taxation and how it relates to the housing crisis in King County. Quite evident, is that the housing issues don’t just stop in King County, all other nearby counties are along for this death spiral ride.

MARLIZA HEADSHOT [product id=”” columns=”1″]

Core Growth Challenges

When talking with Marliza about the relation between housing and taxation. The focus was specifically the light residential close in and around the City of Seattle, which is mainly single-family homes, and many luxury apartments standing small, up against the tall skyline of the Great Seattle Center. We discussed the building challenges Seattle Planners face, with geography, that naturally creates a longitude and latitude expansion strategy, as Seattleites press boundaries.


The Truth is…

The truth is, there are many factors, which can be a justification for raising taxes. The question is, are we informed enough to see which ones are meaningful and serve the people, and which taxes are arbitrary and attached to plans we don’t necessarily all agree on? Can you think of any recent City and Transportation projects, that was all, but completely botched? Those same plans cost residents millions? I can think of a couple, but let’s leave that topic for another time.


What to Do About it

Marliza says that is why she’s running for election, and can be an advocate for the homeowner, and the renter too. If taxes go up for the property owner, you can bet that cost is passed onto those renting rooms and apartments. What we say at Rise Up WA, is to take the time to learn a little about politics and law. An informed voter is a dangerous and powerful opposition to big government. Remember, here in the United States, our government was commissioned to work for the people, by the people. Not the people at the whim of the government.

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Ignite Events: WA Supreme Court Candidate on Campaign Tour NOW in Eastern Washington

Judge Dave Larson is Running for Supreme Court, Position 3 in Washington State. Campaign Tour in Eastern Washington 10/7-10/13

You Wont Want To Miss This!

Learn More about His Campaign Tour
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