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October 3rd, 2020

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Ignite Legal: Introduces School Choice Committee


Judge Dave Larson – Humane, Fair and Truly Nonpartisan

Ignite Candidate of the Week: David Wiley, 38th District

Ignite Events: WA Supreme Court Candidate Announces Campaign Tour

Ignite Legal: Introduces School Choice Committee 

It is time for Washington to revolutionize education and drive the funding to the classroom rather than bridling teachers with top down mandates.

School Choice Mission Statement:

We believe that our current education system is failing our kids. For years our schools have been deteriorating. Teachers, students and parents have been maligned by an educational system that is no longer serving their needs.

We believe school choice empowers families and increased competition will increase opportunity and educational equality for all. All students in Washington should have equal access to an excellent education.

Currently Washington spends over $16,000 per year, per student we believe the money should “follow the backpack.” Vouchers or educational scholarships much like the GI bill could be used for tuition for private, public, charter or home school cooperatives. Parents would be free to choose the best educational environment for their child.

We also believe that School choice would empower teachers and provide them with the professionalism they deserve. Excellent teachers would have the resources they need to thrive and their pay would be based upon performance. Class size would naturally decrease and children would get more individualized attention.

It is time for Washington to revolutionize education and drive the funding to the classroom rather than bridling teachers with top down mandates.


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Meet the Chair for the Committee for the Advancement of School Choice: Tara Childs


I am a difference maker with grit! I am a librarian at an elementary school in Pasco, Wa and have taught for over 20 years. My focus in library is teaching virtues which are our choices. Superpowers we can refine. We all have superpowers we can use them to make our world a better place. I teach kids to be intuitive and act on those intuitions, to be brave, resourceful, open-minded, responsible, respectful, kind and never give up. We practice these things in my library. Directing plays with kids is a passion also as I love putting the kids in uncomfortable situations where they realize they can accomplish big things.  I teach my students to be difference makers and must hold myself to the same standard.

Activism has always been in my heart, wanting to help those less fortunate.

Visit Ignite Legal School Choice 


Written by: Jeff Jared


Say her name: “Breonna Taylor.”  She died in March in a police raid of her Louisville, Kentucky apartment due to stupid enforcement of the drug war.  

I’m old enough to remember the standoff at Ruby Ridge, Idaho in 1992 and the siege of Waco, Texas in 1993.  Like in Louisville, people died in these 2 events (that sparked the militia movement and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing) because of police executing arrest warrants at a private home enforcing stupid gun laws.

Drugs & guns: That’s why the police state was up in the faces of David Koresh, Randy Weaver and Breonna Taylor.

How about let’s end excessive gun laws and end the war on drugs?  Today, the drug war is the root source of the problem between police and Blacks. End the drug war and African American interactions with police will plummet. Home raids would drastically be reduced.

And like the FBI at Ruby Ridge & Waco, no Louisville police were individually held accountable or prosecuted for their alleged misconduct in raiding the home of Breonna Taylor (with one minor exception).  No individuals at the micro level were wrong, but at the big-picture-macro level, the whole police endeavor, to begin with, was wrong.

The problem in Louisville, before the problem with any individual police officers, is the drug war.  Louisville PD was enforcing a lawful, judge-signed warrant (although a stale one) pursuant to current law.  No knock warrants are dangerous to all involved and should be banned, but the police breaking into a private home is fraught with problems no matter what the cause, and whether they knock or not.

In Louisville, Ruby Ridge and Waco, both police and citizens claimed and used self-defense resulting in a shootout. In Louisville, Breonna Taylor got caught in the crossfire of the drug war; she was “collateral damage” in this ugly war, which isn’t on drugs, really.  Rather it’s a war on people.

The moral of the story is that police breaking-into-homes must be hugely lessened as a police tactic.  And to do this, the drug war would have to end.


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Judge Dave Larson is Running for Supreme Court, Position 3 in Washington State.

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Judge Dave Larson is the humane, fair and truly nonpartisan candidate we need on our state’s highest court. 

Written by: Tony B

Edited by: Desiree Lindsay


Judge Dave Larson is aiming for 3rd seat at Washington state Supreme Court. Refusing to relocate districts to increase chances of a successful election, Judge Larson is committed to serving the City of Federal Way, a large suburb of Seattle. He’s married to his wife Debbie who together, they’ve had two sons.


Honorable Judge Larson is a community-centric, family man whose focus is on service to the community. Judge Larson is a former civics teacher at Todd Beamer High School and holds a board member seat on the Civic Learning Council. Larson believes that by increasing the input of diverse voices, we’ll be able to increase local community-driven support.


Being a big mentor for local youth in our community, he has coached football for both little and adolescent leagues. Not only does Judge Larson provide dedicated service to his community. He also, has a strong sense of duty, as he formerly held positions with Washington Wing, Civil Air Patrol and McChord Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.


There’s more than a long record of service and duty for Judge Larson, he manages to apply the law evenly and with great understanding of our state laws. One of my favorite quotes from Judge Larson is “In a free society, it is always better to inspire than it is to require,” in reference to his first jury trial since COVID-19, noticing how people took it upon themselves to practice the recommended suggestions of conduct from local health authorities.


Judge Larson is a truly inspiring voice, particularly in our country’s political climate. Serious judicial concerns such as, assumptive law as common practice shows how much bending of the law is happening these days. However, the honorable Judge Dave Larson gets it and is willing to serve at Washington state’s highest level, the Washington Supreme Court.


With a history of 35 years of experience and residing rule on thousands of cases, he exhibits delivery of stable, fair and humane rulings. All indications point to him being a rationale and impartial, judge for Washingtonians. He’s earned the respect of his community and piers in law. We have just a few weeks left to make our voices heard and vote for justice in our state, so make sure to have your votes counted.

Donate to Judge Dave Larsons Campaign here.

Read About His Justice Reform Initiative

David Wiley is running to represent you in the 38th District. Why Wiley?

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Written By: Tony B.

Current Chair warmer with the Snohomish County Libertarian Party, David Wiley studied at Boise State University, furthered his study at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and kept up his thirst for knowledge with Seattle Pacific University.

When it comes to wisdom and discernment, Candidate David Wiley is as good as, they come. Not often can Washingtonians find a capable candidate for position in government, which sings to Wiley’s courage to take on such responsibility. He’s a candidate for State Representative (L), Legislative District 38 (Snohomish County) – David supports equally shared parenting legislation and ending judicial immunity. This is what equality, in part, is all about. Equal application of the law no matter how big your coin purse maybe. He has experience raising Constitutional parental rights issues to both State and US Supreme Courts and advocates for an audit on the Washington Commission for Judicial Conduct.


Voting for David Wiley just might be the equivalence of taking a breath of fresh air, after walking through the smoking section of a casino. You sure will appreciate what he can do, in light of the aftermath of disappointing candidate, after disappointing candidate. Can you smell the fresh winds of change Washington?

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Ignite Events: WA State Supreme Court Candidate Announces Campaign Tour

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Judge Dave Larson is running for Washington Supreme Court p.3 and will be on a campaign tour in eastern Washington October 7th – October 14th ending in King County (read press release here).

Judge Larson believes we need strong, informed, and reasoned influence on our state’s highest court. He is a strong and credible source to challenge the current issues and policies that hinder progress in our state court system.

Donate to Judge Dave Larsons Campaign here.

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