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October 20th, 2020

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IT’S TIME TO VOTE! Are You Prepared?

Introducing “Suburban Anarchist” – a Column by Jeff Jared

Suburban Anarchist: “Campaigning with Judge Larson Left Me Reinvigorated and Inspired”

Op-Ed: “Why I Am Voting Jo Jorgensen”

Ignite Candidate of the Week: Judge Dave Larson for State Supreme Court

IT’S TIME TO VOTE! Are You Prepared?


The news cycle is so fast these days that it can feel overwhelming to keep track of it all. Luckily for us, Washington State makes voting and registration relatively simple. You can check your status and register to vote online here up until October 28th. If you miss that deadline, Don’t Fret! You can register in person at your local county office up until Election Day November 5th! 

Check Your Status and Register to Vote!

The Suburban Anarchist:

A weekly column from your local, suburban anarchist Jeff Jared


Yesterday was Davenport, Colfax, Pullman, Pomeroy, Dayton & Walla Walla. Today is Richland, Goldendale, Toppenish, Sunnyside & Yakima.

I love Eastern Washington. People are genuine and they appropriately don’t like being dominated by King County and Seattle-style liberals. And this brings me to Judge Larson’s opponent in his race for Washington State Supreme Court.

She has NEVER been a lawyer (whereas Judge Larson was one for 27 years), that is, she has never represented an individual client in Court. She went from law school to academia to the bench.

Judge Larson, on the other hand, worked thru college and went to law school at night while working a full-time day job. He worked for the prosecutor’s office and did insurance defense. 70 trials and 200 arbitrations. And he’s been a chief judge. (And he’s got a great dry sense of humor and many pearls of wisdom to share.)

Justice Montoya-Lewis, on the other hand, is a Governor Inslee affirmative action appointee who profoundly misunderstands the role of a judge as evidenced by her voter’s pamphlet statement where she states that she wants to “be the voice of the underrepresented.” What? A judge as a voice for a specific group?

If I’m a litigant before such a judge and I’m opposing someone in the group she favors, I know I can’t win. That’s called an “unconstitutional bias” where I come from.

A judge should be the voice for NO group. A judge is not an advocate or a candidate for the legislature. A judge should not be overtly political. To do so violates the Canon of Judicial Conduct.

Judge Larson, on the other hand, is a “voice” for the Constitution and the law. LIKE A JUDGE SHOULD BE. He has no political agenda of favoritism, only an agenda of fairness for the individual litigant.

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Op-ed: “Why I’m Voting for Jo Jorgensen for President”

I can comfortably say that Biden will carry the vote in Washington State. Therefore my individual vote is more valuable as a vote for Jo Jorgensen than Donald Trump. 
My vote goes to Jo Jorgenson for President in 2020. 

Written by: Michelle Darnell


Given my experience, background, emphasis on state and local politics, and knowledge of the political atmosphere in Washington, I have wrestled with the decision of who to vote for President of the United States. My main emphasis, as repeatedly stated, is state-level politics because “all politics is local” and we have more influence at the state and local levels. I personally feel federal races are largely a distraction and can be very divisive, which is counterproductive to local efforts. So most of my effort and attention are directed toward local and state efforts.

That said, with the election for president pressing down upon us, I feel I must make a choice and feel a duty to explain why I have made my decision.

I have decided I will be voting my conscience and will be voting for Jo Jorgensen for President of the United States on November 3rd, 2020. 

I am deeply disturbed by the activities of most if not all Democrats in my state; non stand up for Liberty. Each cycle there has been an increase in taxation and regulation that have a stranglehold on the citizens and businesses of our state. In the last session in the dark of the night, Democrats muscled through over $27 billion in new taxes. There is now chatter of even more new taxes in response to Covid related budget shortfalls, to be levied next session. Democrats in our legislature appear out of touch and tone-deaf.  The consequence is that the citizens and businesses in our state (with the exception of big tech corporations) are on life support and many others have closed their doors or relocated.

I have often expressed my concerns about President Trump. I feel he has at times brought out the very worst in us and incited division. I wrote about this in my article “Trump is the Roseanne Barr of politics” in 2016.

For this reason, among others, I did not vote for him in 2016. I believed then that he was divisive and would not be able to rise above the political rhetoric and division and help heal America. I do not think I was wrong in that regard. The civil unrest we see today is no surprise to me. He is certainly not the only one at fault and may have just exposed the issues that were under the surface all along, but a peacemaker he is not.

It is my recent observation that Biden is vested in the destruction of American businesses, families, and institutions, whereas Trump, even if not entirely altruistically, is vested in America’s recovery and success.

I also happen to believe that if Bidon was to be elected, within his first year, he would need to resign for medical reasons. Kamala Harris next in line would be our new president. That thought chills me to the bone, in light of what I know of her. Because of her history as a prosecutor and Attorney General in California, I believe she is an enemy of freedom and justice for all, even more so than Joe Biden. She was unable to get the Democrat nomination for this reason.

For these reasons, I would not vote for Biden. 

This brings me to Jo Jorgensen. The Libertarian candidate for President. Admittedly a long shot. However, as aforementioned, I generally support the candidate. A vote for Jorgensen is a vote against the two-party system that has contributed to our current state of decay and institutional corruption. A vote for Jo Jorgensen is a vote for Liberty and restoration of our Democratic Republic. 

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It is my desire to disrupt the two-party system. I want people to have more options.  If it were so, we might be able to restore some sense of integrity to our systems and institutions. Candidates with integrity and a sincere desire to restore power, freedom, and opportunity to all Americans, might have a fighting chance and would be freed from the two-party system that is mostly controlled by oligarchs and plutocrats.

About the Author


Michelle Darnell, CEO and Founder of Rise Up WA, LLC

Michelle is a mother, grandmother, and wife of attorney and life-long Libertarian Jeff Jared. She is currently a legal assistant for the Law Office of Jeff Jared.

Michelle has been a consumer advocate and a lobbyist for homeowner rights since 2011. She is also a former candidate for state legislature in the 48th Legislative District. Michelle launched the Libertarian Party of King County in 2017 and served at the founding chair and the Vice-Chair in 2018.

Small Business Tensions Are Rising

Local man arrested and charged with a “hate crime” sparks questions about legality 

Written by: Tony B.

On September 22nd, 2020, Hanif Collins, a prominent barbershop owner, at The Tonsor. Located in downtown Vancouver, WA., Hanif approached his small business, to open up shop, like he faithfully does every day. As he parked his car, he noticed a small LGBT protest of less than a dozen attendees, protesting against a Baptist Church on the same side of the street.

The Tonsor barbershop is located just a couple of doors north of the Baptist Church. As he walked up to the door of his business, he was confronted, by two men from the group of protesters. One of the men was armed with a gun, and both men attempted to block Hanif from entering into his place of business, several times. According to Hanif, “Each of them placed their hands on my physical person and then screamed, “that’s assault! You’re going to jail for that!” After Hanif had slapped their hands away.

When the Vancouver Police Department showed up to where Hanif was alleged, they broke up the altercation tried to ask questions, and find out what had been happening before they had eyes on the scene. Hanif says, he didn’t give a statement to the police, because voluntarily giving information can, and generally will, be used against you in a court of law. The cops went around to multiple witnesses who were in the area.

After cops finished gathering witness statements, they come back to Mr. Collins and told him he was under arrest for a felony Hate Crime against two middle-aged white men. Hanif says, this didn’t make much sense to him, as he is of Muslim faith, Black, and Latino.

Hanif was arrested at his own place of business, by VPD, and shortly after had to post $10,000 in bail money and get back to business, as is his lawful established Right. This has caused financial strain on him and his normal business operations. He expressed the frustration of creating his first two jobs ever and having to leave his apprentice alone, to barber hair unsupervised, while he was in county lockup.

Hanif has a Wife, a 5-year-old son, and a 7-month-old newborn. He says the stress has carried over to his family, as bailing him out, involved canceling his wife’s obligations. Hanif said, “This is absolutely racism, and police profiling + white privilege all tied into one”.

He also brings up another good point with this story. Small Business owners pay a higher premium in taxes for the municipal services afforded. Pending a hearing, Hanif is demanding all charges be dropped, by Clark County. No reports of a court date have been posted yet, but we will keep an eye on this story, as it develops.

From an opinion point of view, I think this was a terrible event, not only for Hanif Collins and his family – but also for Vancouver PD. When you look at the track record of VPD, you’ll notice a bent of insufficient training. I think of earlier this year, a homeless man, with mental health issues, was engaged in public aggravation. Reported, he was throwing rocks and had a wrench in his hand, at one point.

There were seven police officers, yet they shot him in the back, as he was moving too close to officers. Yeah, I see there’s some danger there, but observing the video, they could have literally bum-rushed him and arrested him, without lethal force. Cops from all around the county are scared of doing their job because it’s so politicized.

Not only do they have their hands tied by legislators and representatives of the executive, but now everything is opinionated and decided in the mob courts of social media. No wonder we have so many problems and divisions. Just remember, every culture is unique in some way, but it’s driven by Government, so who’s to blame those on all sides who want to see less of it?  – (to be continued)

Ignite Candidate of the Week: Judge Dave Larson for WA state Supreme Court

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Judge Dave Larson and My Northwest Discuss State Supreme Court Choice to Overturn 1-976

My Northwest: WA Supreme Court candidate: Court shouldn’t second guess voters on car tabs


The recent state Supreme Court I-976 ruling overturning the 53% of voters who said yes to $30 car tabs may bring renewed interest to the Supreme Court race. Judge Dave Larson is a former trial lawyer running for the court and joined the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH to discuss the ruling.

“I would have been in the dissent,” Larson said. “There were some things that weren’t mentioned, for instance, that if something’s going to be unconstitutional it has to be shown to be unconstitutional beyond a reasonable doubt. That was made clear in the 2003 decision on I-776, which was similar to I-976. It’s an example of how when the court decisions were made and people rely on those and go out and do something. And then if the playing field’s moved, it makes it much more difficult to come up with an initiative.”

“In this case, they used the dissent from the 2003 — the losing side — to justify the winning side today without overruling that 2003 case,” he added. “So basically with some gymnastics declared I-976 unconstitutional when it should have been declared this constitutional just like 776 was.”

While the court deemed the car tabs ballot title confusing in their reasoning, Larson believes the court was looking for a reason to overturn it, and assuming the judgment of voters is the wrong approach.

Read the Full Article Here
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