The effects of fear on young children

“For children living in such circumstances, frequent and repetitive threats create the potential for heightened fear and chronic anxiety. Behavioural neuroscience research in animals tells us that serious, fear-triggering experiences elicit physiological responses that affect the architecture of the developing brain.”
Our children are growing up in a society on edge with constant reminders all around us 24/7 that we are all contaminants, versus human beings. You are a vector!
Smiles have been replaced with masks, and hugs are now barred. No more church, weddings, birthdays, no sporting events, movies, concerts, plays or even funerals. The ties that bind us together have been severed and the basis for doing this long term is highly questionable now. Even the “experts” do not seem to agree. The data certainly does not seem to justify the extreme paranoia.
To object to this or even question it, is labeled uncaring or a threat. People are being pitted against each other. The tension is in the air.
It is all so very tragic and irreversible. My greatest concern is the effect on children. It is going to be very bad.

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