"Take a Walk in our Shoes" Campaign

Have you or a loved one lost your job due to Inslee’s mask mandate or vaccine mandate? Did you lose your business? Are there other ways you have been affected? Tell your story here!

#ShoeRebellionWa #NoMandates
No Mandates!

Let your voice (and your story) be heard in Olympia!

We believe it is time that they take a walk in our shoes and hear the personal stories of those affected by over 18 months of “emergency” mandates declared by one person. It is time the people making these decisions for the rest of us, take a walk in our shoes. Yes- the Covid virus is frightening. There is so much we just do not know and that is frightening. But what is more frightening is the power a few people have assumed over the lives of the many, destroying their livelihoods, their families, their communities and their hope. The victims of these mandates have been mocked, cajoled, coerced and abused. It is time they told their stories.
RiseUpWA is giving them and opportunity to do that. Together we can RiseUP and BE the change.

Gandhi walked 240 miles and was jailed and spent over 2000 days in prison.
Walk in those shoes.
A local teacher dismissed, keys taken, forgotten over a shot, never to walk school hallways anymore.
Take a walk in her shoes.
Dedicated Washington state trooper who has walked on many sidewalks, delivered babies, pulled the injured from crumpled cars, and saved lives saved will never walk the beat again.
Take a walk in his shoes.
A nurse whose Crocs pitter pattered across hospital floors deep in the night, as she cared for the sick, the dying, the forgotten and our loved ones, never to rush from room to room again.
Take a walk in her shoes.
The patient pacing her home in her slippers as she waits to die after being denied her kidney transplant.
Take a walk in her shoes.
The child lacing up her tennis shoes, and being reminded that she will never again be able to laugh, love, play, study or breath without the constant reminder of death on her door or see the smiles of her naked faced friends as she slips on her mask for the day.
Take a walk in her shoes.
The attorneys and paralegals who pace their offices as they listen to the stories of fractured families and the lives affected by the stresses, loss of income and pressures of the oppressive society and try to figure out how to fight a war for our constitution as they feel out maneuvered and under resourced.
Take a walk in her shoes.
The chef and his staff walking to close the doors of life long dreams because they could no longer pay the bills or payroll on 25% capacity.
Take a walk in their shoes.

The shoes we do not see or hear are the shoes of our elected officials who have taken to hiding behind zoom cameras, chain link fencing and masks as they consent to tyrannical, unscientific and unconstitutional rules that are enforced with carelessness.

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