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Our Mission Statement

Restoring parental rights through school choice, allowing every family to choose the K-12 educational options that best fit their children, via a system where the funding “follows the backpack.”

STRIKE FOR SCHOOL CHOICE EVENT - Olympia WA, September 7th 2021

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SCHOOL CHOICE - Why it Matters


Education is a right in Washington State. Every child has a right to a quality education.  Our current education system is leaving too many children behind.  We can do better by allowing parents and teachers more choice.

  • We believe school choice empowers families and that increased competition will increase opportunity and educational equality for all.
  • We believe that where there are concerns about curriculum like sex education and Critical Race theory, school choice empowers parents, and teachers to decide what is best for the students in their care, not teachers unions or remote government bodies.
  • We believe education funding should “follow the backpack.” Currently Washington spends over $17,000 per year, per student (federal, state, federal).  Vouchers or educational scholarships much like the GI bill could be used for tuition for private, public, charter or home school cooperatives. Parents would be free to choose the best educational environment for their child.
  • We believe that School choice will empower teachers! With school choice, teachers are freer to specialize and develop their teaching strengths. Teachers also benefit from having the support of parents who choose to have their children in a particular setting.  
  • We believe that excellent public schools would continue to thrive. Schools that are currently thriving would continue to thrive. School choice simply allows parents dissatisfied with their local public school the opportunity to opt out and choose a better environment for their family.

It is time for Washington to revolutionize education and drive the funding to the classroom.  It is time for the money to follow the backpack in Washington.  It is time for School Choice. #MyChildMyChoice


It is going to take funding to get this done.  Funds will be needed for materials, advertising, website maintenance, events, legal expenses and more.  The Washington Education Association is well funded and will fight our efforts. This is why we need your financial support.

We need thousands of people who support the school choice to help fund the effort. A regular monthly contribution of $20 to $50 will greatly support our work

Please invite people to our effort.  Please also sign up for updates and notifications of events.


Rise UP Wa is a 501c4 and a group of of concerned citizens organizing to leverage school choice in Washington state.
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