Private vs. Public sector dependence

This is an interesting article but I must disagree on a couple points.  First, that the divide is liberal vs. conservative:  I think it has more to do with public vs. private sector dependence.  If your income comes from the private sector, that is your business or employment is dependent upon the free flow of goods and services in the private economy, you likely support the economy reopening as quickly and as safely possible.  However, if your income flows from the public sector and you have a government job, supported by taxes payed for by the private sector, or you are enjoying unemployment or subsidy, you are free from the intense pain and desparation facing the private sector dependents and are likely more comfortable with a delayed reopening.

Secondly, the assumption that liberals care more, and conservatives and libertarians prioritize money over lives is a false assumption.  “Cuomo’s language (and to a lesser extent Facebook’s emojis) suggests that, for many, care for others is the preeminent virtue.  As such, efforts to protect people must be taken above lesser social considerations.”

Conservatives and libertarians associate protection of lives with social and economic considerations.  They understand that survival is ultimately dependant upon ones ability to aquire food, shelter and medical care.  Food and shelter are primary concerns and if threatened it is difficult to assend to higher level thinking.  See Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

Wise leaders recognize this.  Decent leaders attempt to balance the concerns of all people vs. placating their base with platitudes that serve to divide, and agitate.

It is time for liberals, conservatives and libertarians to rise above the rhetoric and work together toward viable solutions for all, not just those in their respective tribes.  The survival of America and its citizens depend upon our ability to rise above our divisions and unite. Unfortunately this is a very daunting challenge as government power relies in large part on the division and dependancy of its subjects.

Hopefully there are some amongst us who can rise up as leaders and offer more sophisticated opinions.

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