No Tax Relief

There has been no tax relief that I am aware of for businesses in Washington State.  While people argue about whether to mask up or not, businesses are dying all around us, and there is NO response from our state government.

We have had multiple cycles of tax increases with $27 billion just last session.  Property taxes and B&O taxes were both increases (yet kids are not in school).  For those who pay annual B&O, their tax returns were due June 15th after 4 months of being shut down; and if they do not pay, there is a 9% penalty the first month is it late, and then it jumps to 29% after 3 months.

Why has there been no emergency session to discuss tax relief?

I think this winter is going to be catastrophic.  The response in our state alone (or lack of response) has sealed the deal.  The business losses and job losses, along with the lack of any sort of relief is going to create and avalanche of calamity once unemployment runs out, taxes come due, and the mortgage forbearances expire.

Masks are gong to be the least of our concerns, very soon.

If I was a candidate running for office, I would be making this a talking point of my campaign, with a solution, and the will to fight for businesses and families in the state who are literally dying – if they cannot afford to leave

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