Let Her Speak Seattle Convoy & Sign Wave

What: Seattle Convoy & Sign Wave in Seattle, WA
Where: Gas Works Park
When: Saturday, August 8, 2020 at 9 AM – 12 PM

Start: Gas Works Park (9:00)
Point 1: Space Needle (Drive time: 9:30-9:50)
Point 2: Amazon Spheres (Drive time: 9:50-10:00)
Point 3: South Lake Union (Drive Time: 10:00-10:10)
End Point: Gas Works Park (10:20)f or a sign wave & possible speakers (10:30-11:00 TBD)
more information here: let-her-speak.org
Steps to participate:
  1. RSVP @ www.Let-her-speak.org and select “going” to this event.
  2. Spread the word and invite others
  3. Decorate your vehicle
  4. Meet us at the address in this event (Based on RSVPs, we will change the location and potentially reserve a police escort)
  5. Drive together along this route https://goo.gl/maps/wBL7rytSnjvwipww6
Join us on August 8th at 9:30 am PST for the first nationwide peaceful protest.
We are all very aware of the lack of fair representation in this country. For too long, third parties have been silenced in the national debates. The Commission of Presidential Debates is refusing to allow third parties to debate without polling at 15% in polls they conduct. The caveat? They don’t ask about third party candidates in those polls. The time to end that is now.
At exactly 9:30 all the attendees throughout the nation will be going LIVE on social media to tell their friends and family about what we are doing and why. All the videos and photos will be compiled for a short film after the event.
What to Do:
Decorate your cars, carry flags, blast music — come together to support fair representation of Jo Jorgensen and the third party in the debates.
30 minutes after the convoy will be a time for announcements and interview opportunities. Businesses can participate by sponsoring the decorations on cars or creating pit stops along the route. Local press will be invited to participate as well.
The main goal of this coordinated effort is to get Jo Jorgensen (and all third parties whose names are listed on the ballots) on the debate stage to challenge the Republicans and the Democrats.
There are many sub-goals and benefits, including:
  • Spreading the word about Jo Jorgensen and the Libertarian Party to increase awareness to our local community.
  • Peacefully gather in our cars to respect society’s concerns over COVID and display the Non-Aggression Principle.
  • Show the country we are a lot bigger, more diverse, and more organized than they thought.
Help spread the word by inviting your local friends and family to this convoy!

Click here to RSVP on the Facebook event page.

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