Judge Dave Larson – Humane, Fair and Truly Nonpartisan

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Written by: Tony B

Edited by: Desiree Lindsay


Judge Dave Larson is aiming for 3rd seat at Washington state Supreme Court. Refusing to relocate districts to increase chances of a successful election, Judge Larson is committed to serving the City of Federal Way, a large suburb of Seattle. He’s married to his wife Debbie who together, they’ve had two sons.


Honorable Judge Larson is a community-centric, family man whose focus is on service to the community. Judge Larson is a former civics teacher at Todd Beamer High School and holds a board member seat on the Civic Learning Council. Larson believes that by increasing the input of diverse voices, we’ll be able to increase local community-driven support.


Being a big mentor for local youth in our community, he has coached football for both little and adolescent leagues. Not only does Judge Larson provide dedicated service to his community. He also, has a strong sense of duty, as he formerly held positions with Washington Wing, Civil Air Patrol and McChord Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.


There’s more than a long record of service and duty for Judge Larson, he manages to apply the law evenly and with great understanding of our state laws. One of my favorite quotes from Judge Larson is “In a free society, it is always better to inspire than it is to require,” in reference to his first jury trial since COVID-19, noticing how people took it upon themselves to practice the recommended suggestions of conduct from local health authorities.


Judge Larson is a truly inspiring voice, particularly in our country’s political climate. Serious judicial concerns such as, assumptive law as common practice shows how much bending of the law is happening these days. However, the honorable Judge Dave Larson gets it and is willing to serve at Washington state’s highest level, the Washington Supreme Court.


With a history of 35 years of experience and residing rule on thousands of cases, he exhibits delivery of stable, fair and humane rulings. All indications point to him being a rationale and impartial, judge for Washingtonians. He’s earned the respect of his community and piers in law. We have just a few weeks left to make our voices heard and vote for justice in our state, so make sure to have your votes counted.


Donate to Judge Dave Larsons Campaign here.

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