Jo Jorgensen’s Seattle Rally a Huge Hit

2020 Libertarian presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen has been touring the country to speak to voters, and her stop in Seattle proved to be highly successful — setting a high bar for future events. 
On Saturday, July 18th, Dr. Jorgensen and local candidates, including Anthony Welti  took the stage to address over 200 people on key issues of the platform.  You can find the list of all the LPKC endorsed candidates HERE.  Pulling no punches, they hit on police reform, ending the drug war, and reducing federal regulatory control and government size. 
Following the event, Dr. Jorgensen stuck around to engage the audience directly in a Q&A, answering their questions off the cuff. 
Attendees picked up campaign swag, signed a petition to grant Jorgensen ballot access, and grabbed a coveted selfie with Jorgensen herself. It was hot and windy, but the event was peaceful, and you could feel the energy — this was a proud moment for Jorgensen fans, some of whom drove hours to participate. .
Jorgensen and the other speakers drew out powerful discussions on change that the Libertarian Party can bring both to this state and this country. In just a few short hours, volunteers were able to collect 240 signatures to secure Jo’s ballot access in the state of Washington — as of today they’ve blown way past their goal, with 1,700 signatures. 
Following the rally was a privately hosted dinner, whiskey tasting, and silent auction that completely sold out, raising over $7,000 for the national campaign.
Dr. Jorgensen is continuing her events across the United States in preparation for the much-anticipated November primaries. To find out more and find an event near you, visit her website at

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