Rise Up WA: We Will Be a Voice for the Breonna Taylors of Our Nation

KIRKLAND, WA – Rise Up WA and all of our staff within our organization, stand with Breonna Taylor and all the other victims of archaic institutional policies and inadequate justice.

Michelle Darnell, President and Founder of Rise Up WA says, ““We will be a voice for the Breonna Taylors of our country who are tragic victims of failed policies like the “War on Drugs” and the failure of leadership to respond to the people in a meaningful way. We will push back against the institutional injustice that has permeated our society to the point of tremendous civil unrest and massive economic inequality.” 

We’re angry and we ache with those who are suffering. We recognize that there is little-to-no justice for the majority of the public except for those who can afford it. We understand that people feel overpowered by the system and that their voices haven’t been heard. 

Rise Up WA was created from a philosophy that it is the government’s paramount duty to secure and protect the individual rights of its citizens and our government has fundamentally failed us. 

We’re in critical times. If we don’t adapt in meaningful ways and offer innovative solutions, we will have surrendered our power to the politicians who have politicized policies for their own gain and not the benefit of the public. “Less than half of us vote and even fewer know who our elected representatives are. If we own this and become a force for change in our own sphere of influence, we will see incredible things happen,” Darnell says

This is precisely how Rise Up WA will make a difference. We empower people to fill the current void in leadership. We prioritize principles, activism and solutions above party affiliation. We are committed to recruiting, inspiring, equipping and activating a new generation of inclusive leaders where all voices are brought to the table. 

“At the end of the day, we all have far more in common than we think. We all want food on the table, a roof over our heads and a future for our kids” says Darnell. Rise Up WA aims to make that a reality for all Washingtonians by empowering good people to do good things.

About Rise Up WA, LLC

Rise Up WA is a Kirkland-based company organized in December of 2019, in response to the increasing civil and political unrest in the country. Our mission is to rise above the partisan rhetoric and division in order to recruit, inspire, equip and activate a new generation of leaders. We provide campaign support and training for candidates that’s geared towards innovative and out-of-the-box thinkers. Rise Up WA was founded by Michelle Darnell, who also founded the King County Libertarian Party in 2017.

Media Contact – Desiree Lindsay, Editor-in-Chief, desiree.ignitefoundation@gmail.com 

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