How Will Government Hurt You? This is why you must be active and engaged. We have no choice.

Many people want to live their lives and avoid politics, but modern government will not allow this. We have no choice but to engage and be active. Every day, government at the local, state, and Federal level make decisions and actions – many of which cost you greatly and can harm you in small and large ways. Here are a few ideas for you to effectively engage:
1. Thing Globally about freedom and liberty. Act locally to implement more of both.
2. Expose the truth – educate yourself on how local government operates and start exposing the truth about how this impacts your life and the lives of those who live in your community.
3. Develop and improve on methods and techniques to communicate with other like-minded people who also care about freedom and liberty. You can’t trust Big Tech – they appear to prioritize censorship and silencing all dissent. So, find innovative ways to communicate and organize locally.

H/T Glen Morgan

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