Get Our Kids Back in School!

Students at State Capitol

(No children were hurt in the shooting of this picture)

Representatives Kraft, Young, McCaslin, Sutherland, Walsh, Graham, McEntire, and Chase proposed another excellent bill to create a voucher system to allow student to choose which school which best fits their needs.

Representative Vicki Kraft says, “These school closures have created an alarming spike in depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts among the state’s young people who, like their parents, have been largely isolated and spending the last year in front of laptop screens. Absences among middle and high school students are up significantly and many are getting grades of D, F or “no credit.” This is completely unacceptable.

What can you do?   Go to the link above, click on the box that says “Comment on this bill”,  and tell the legislators why you support this bill.

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