Two white men have unrestricted ballot access, while our candidate does not.  The system is broken.  Dr. Jo Jorgensen needs your help to be on the ballot.  She wants to:

• End Qualified Immunity so Police are Held Accountable

• End the racist War on Drugs

• Release non-violent offenders from prison

• Abolish the ATF, which enforces unconstitutional laws

• Legalize Marijuana

Can you help us get her on the ballot in Washington?  We need 1,000 signatures of Washington registered voters, which is a challenge with the COVID restrictions.

Voters deserve a choice.

If you want to get started now, please join this group:


Otherwise, a form will be available to print on lpwa.org/ballotaccess after the 14th of June for our Virtual Nominating Convention.

Anyone attending the virtual convention can physically sign it and return it to the following address:


Libertarian Party

P.O. Box 2575

Lynnwood, WA 98036


Signatures for the virtual convention MUST be dated between June 14th and July 7th to be valid.  All signatures MUST be original, no scans!  All those who sign MUST be registered voters in the state of Washington.

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