Join us October 2nd and hear Corey DeAngelis, PhD, the nation's leading advocate for school choice, and others on the most important issue today for our children and how we can make a difference for the next generation.

The Speakers

Corey DeAngelis, PhD and Senior Fellow, American Federation for Children

Corey DeAngelis is a senior fellow at the American Federation for Children. He is also the executive director at Educational Freedom Institute, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, a senior fellow at Reason Foundation, and a board member at Liberty Justice Center. He was named on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for his work on education policy and received the Buckley Award from America’s Future in 2020. He additionally received the Future 40 Award from Maverick PAC in 2021 and the OCPA Citizenship Award in 2022.

Jim Walsh, WA State Representative, 19th LD

“The time has come for bold reform of our K-12 funding system in Washington. I understand some people will hesitate at the size and ambition of this proposal. This plan is bold. It's a game-changer," said Walsh in a written statement. "It empowers Washington's kids and their families to have real school choice regardless of whether they're rich, poor, or — like most of us — somewhere in the middle. Finally, it will also help our public school districts become more efficient and productive.”

M. Semi Bird, Behavioral Scientist, School Board Director

As a former Marine, and later, Special Forces Green Beret, Semi has served our country with honor and distinction, earning several of our nation’s highest awards; the Bronze Star Valor, Purple Heart, and Meritorious Service Medal to name a few. Semi is a Behavioral Scientist and Executive Director of Team Concepts Training and Consulting. He has had a distinguished career in leadership, serving as an Associate Director for WSU, Federal Director (DOE), and Advisor to the Ambassador of Bangladesh. Semi currently serves as a School Board Director for the Richland School District, where he fought to give mask choice to students, create a parent advisory committee to the school board, and a student representative position on the school board.

Matthew Heyward, National Outreach Director

Before coming to work at the Freedom Foundation, Matthew worked at the Washington State Department of Agriculture, where he supervised and helped coordinate efforts between federal and state agencies, tribes, and volunteer organizations around the Puget Sound. The year's he spent volunteering with grassroots politics has provided Matthew with many unique and sometimes controversial experiences. Some of those experiences range from successfully working to build coalitions between different factions to training and organizing volunteers to maximize their effectiveness.


Sunday (10/2/2022) – 2 Locations: Redmond & Marysville

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