E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus unum – out of many, one.

The number one threat to Americans right now is not a foriegn enemy, a natural or economic disaster, or any “ism.”  The number one threat to America is the division of her people.  We are divided by sex, religion, race, age, political idealogy, urban vs rural and by class.

Diversity is a good thing and it is one of the elements that made our country great; but the politicians, controlled by a bunch of oligarchs, have for years fanned flames of disvision to shore up votes.  They have to get one group riled up against another to provike them to vote.  That is politics, but it has gone too far because most of our current class of politicians lack integrity.

Our education system has failed us too.  We have lost our ability to engage in heated debate without personal attack, intimidation, alienation, and hate.  We have lost the ability to listen and process information, and instead we rush to judgement and base opinions on appearances or entirely on our own personal perspectives

We no longer celebrate virtue, humility, compassion, prudence, and wisdom; but have replaced them with greed, pride, wealth, youth, sex, and physical beauty.

For these reasons Americans are now insecure, fearful, and angry:  Some are even violent.

What is the fix?  Love and unity.

I know that sounds cliche but these are the only things we have control over anyway!  We must stop relying on government to fix things and be good to us.  We must take responsibility and BE the change in our own spheres of influence – and quickly.

How?  Be nice.  Listen.  Stop labeling people.  Embrace our diversity, respect our differences, and love each other. Forgive people where they fail, or do not understand.  You do not know their life experience.  Have empathy and compassion.

Anyone born on American soil is extremely privleged.  We have a beautiful country, a constitution that if honored, is the best in the world.  We have systems, institutions, and innovations that if restored would service all humanity.

That does not mean they are without struggle as America is has not been perfect, nor will we ever be.  But it is time to unite and move forward toward a vision of a better America based on her principles of Liberty and Justice for ALL.

If we do not, America is going to die, and with her dies the dream and hope of individual freedom, justice and prosperity for all.  In her place we will have a hand full of oligarchs controling us all, and they see no divisions.  They see us as plebians they can exploit for cash (our labor) no matter our race, sex, religion etc.

United we stand and divided we fall.  This is not cliche. It is truth!!

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