Being Anti-Racist by Micheal Wilson

Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen made a comment about being anti-racist that has a lot of people upset. There is no need to get your knickers in a twist. This is an easy issue to work on.
Members of the Libertarian Party have spoken critically of some government policies that harm minorities, especially blacks.  Working to repeal these laws will not make you a Marxist.  It will show others that Libertarian ideas and a free market are benefits.
For years the LP members have spoken, testified, demonstrated, and written in opposition to the Drug War and the problems that we see from the war, especially problems dealing with the courts from the time that law enforcement approaches someone to prison. The justice system has failed the people, especially the black and Hispanic communities, of the nation while being a benefit to the bureaucracy.
The problems with Social Security are obvious when a black worker spend much of their working life paying into the program only to die early and not have anything to pass along as inheritance to their families.
LP members have addressed zoning laws, red lining and other regulations which were designed to separate races by making some areas of cities more expensive for minorities to buy in.  Researchers have pointed out that zoning laws costs the nation about $2 trillion annually.  Much of that is paid in higher housing costs.
Members of the LP have spoken out against transportation policies that offer poor service to black communities but are not subject to the competition most businesses have to deal with.
Libertarians have also spoken and written about laws such as the minimum wage and prevailing wage laws that limit opportunities for minority businesses and have harmed Black youths.
Members of the LP have proposed opening the healthcare market to other group such as midwives and Nurse Practitioners. Access to adequate midwifery care would benefit all infants and their mothers, especially native-Americans and blacks.
The education system in many communities does not benefit black and some other minority communities because of the way schools are funded with property taxes.  Libertarians have addressed this issue for years. A personal note on this one. I know of two college professors who lost their teaching jobs because they spoke out for school choice.
-Micheal Wilson
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