Explosion of Calls for School Choice Among State Lawmakers

“…the school choice cause has enjoyed a tremendous spike in popularity among voters over the past two years, as public school officials and teachers union representatives have alienated the public with unpopular decisions regarding COVID-19 lockdowns, at-home virtual learning, and controversial curricular content such as critical race theory. Also affecting public opinion on the issue is the tendency of public school failures to negatively impact minority and lower-income communities disproportionately.”

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Scaling up the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program helped public schools improve

“As with many previous voucher studies, the researchers found that expansion of FTC had a modest but statistically significant benefit for students attending public schools. These benefits included higher standardized test scores in both reading and math, as well as lower absenteeism and suspension rates. And the more competitive pressure there was—more private schools nearby, more FTC students in those schools, etc.—the stronger the positive competitive effects. In other words, the larger the private choice program became, the more public school students benefited. Students with lower family incomes and lower maternal education levels gained the most, but the gains for higher-SES students were still statistically significant.”

New Poll: Most Democrats Support School Choice to Avoid COVID

“”While the majority of American voters from all political parties support school choice,” the latest poll numbers show a remarkable increase in support among Democrats, Tommy Schultz, CEO of the American Federation for Children, said in a statement this week”

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What Impact Does School Choice Have On Public Schools?

“According to EdChoice, in a review of the 33 studies on the effects of school choice on public schools, 31 showed that the academic outcomes of public schools improved. One study found no visible impact and one found a negative impact.”

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